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I am available for hire.  Contact me here for more information.

ShadowandSoul Photography

    Tanya Rose is currently based out of Boston, Massachusetts and has been taking pictures for most of her life.   She has the ability to center her focus on details that others might not notice.  She is available for hire, and will work closely with you to create results that are beautiful and striking.  Contact her here for more details.


    Tanya's work originates from a deep intuitive place within, exposing the inner with authenticity.
    She strives for vision,

    For the viewer, her aspiration is to evoke an emotion, a thought, or a memory, and to encourage one, to reflect, take pause.

    When all is cloudy and mind asleep, the camera is her teacher, guiding her as she take pictures, helping her to see with clarity.

    Sitting still , eyes wide open, through the darkness and its shadows,
    details are magnified...shedding light, reminding her of all that is beautiful.
    Discovering simplicity within all that is complex.



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