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For the last five years or so I have been working with the self-portrait.  A photo journal of sorts, to explore aspects of my inner world to  help me understand a little bit about who I am, past, present, future.  

To face the shadow of one's self, that is the ultimate challenge.  We are taught from an early age, that the dark side of ourselves is something to be ashamed of.  We deny the darkness within, pretend it doesn't exist, even though it is a part of what makes us human.

I never been good at ignoring my dark passenger.  At times it has played havoc inside my mind. It brings me grief and uncertainty about my life and who I am.  I know all of this, yet still, I desire to face my demons and look them straight in the eye.  I believe that if I give myself permission for my shadow to show, eventually I will come to terms with that aspect of myself.  Accepting the darkness, will allow me to move forward to discover, that lightness of being does exist.   

So, I found this tree...


          By the Railroad Tracks


Gas Station



      This, That
   Something Else
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